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Tax Planning: Client Example

Tax Planning: Client Example

| June 14, 2017

The benefits of setting up a tax planning meeting with our professionals can be extraordinary. If you need answers to complex tax questions before you can make an important financial decision, then a meeting with our team of professionals could prove invaluable to your future.

The following is an example of the power of planning:

Before selling her home and the large piece of adjoining property, one of our client scheduled a meeting at our Peachtree Corners Office to discuss the best strategy. After considering several key aspects of the sale and obtaining proper documentation from the client, we advised her on how to reduce the tax on the sale.

Our client provided an expansive list of improvements made to the property, proving that she’d invested more in the house than she would gain from the sale.  

After careful IRS research, we combined the sale of the house and adjoining land and applied the sizable home sale exemption to it.  Now, our client can use her sale proceeds money to enjoy her retirement.

Consulting our team of tax experts before making potentially life-altering financial decisions prepares you for success. If you're interested in learning more, read up on the benefits of tax planning or give us a call. 

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