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IRS Notices: Client Example

IRS Notices: Client Example

| June 27, 2017

Have you received an IRS notice that stumped you? Our team of CPA’s can review your notice and represent you with the IRS. The IRS is quick to send notices, and these notices may contain errors. It is wise to contact a CPA to determine the accuracy of the notice before paying the assessment.

The following client story showcases how simple it can be for our staff to clear up a miscommunication with the IRS:

Our client set up a meeting to discuss an IRS notice he’d received. The notice required tax payment on the sale of stock. After combing over the notice and documentation, our team concluded that the tax had already been paid via his employer.

The payment had not been properly recorded, because the client prepared their own return and wasn’t sure how to reflect the facts.  

Our CPAs sent a letter to the IRS on behalf of the client to document and explain the miscommunication. The matter was resolved and our client did not have to pay any taxes on the stock sale.

If you have any questions about how to handle an IRS notice, or if you’d prefer a professional to contact them in your stead, our Certified Public Accountants can be of assistance.